…or maybe I’m just listening to the wrong stuff. 

This week’s submission for comixwarriors. I am literally the worst at listening to hip-hop and rap. I seem to pick all the wrong artists. What do y’all listen to?

I am such a grown up!

Ah, doesn’t it feel good to be all adult and shit? Responding to emails, paying bills on time, calling your mother, and still finding time to sleep late and eat frozen pizza 5 nights a week…man, it feels good to finally find a pair of these that fit. 

Stuff You Didn’t Wanna Know About Me

Bah. Another one of these things. Curse me and my Y2K chain mail phobia. You won’t give me 100 years bad luck, internet. I do my duty, damnit! 


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URL: Yeah this.
Name: Bethany
Nickname: BK (not like Burger King)

Birthday: December 3, 2085
Gender: Still working that one out, but I identify currently as genderqueer
Sexuality: Queer with dominant lesbian-ish tendencies
Height: 5’6”-ish

Current Time Zone: Central Standard, US 
Last thing you Googled: BJD because I think they’re cool. Don’t judge me. Also they would be better to use as a drawing mannequin 

Most used phrases:

  • bruh
  • …or nah?
  • lame

Last thing you said to a family member: Yo!

Favorite beverage: Taro milk tea with extra boba
First word that comes to mind: synonym
Place that makes you happy and why: The library. Any library.
Last movie watched at the cinema: The Giver 
3 things you can’t live without:

  • water
  • air
  • shelter

But on a more superficial level:

  • anime
  • sweater vests
  • winter

Something you plan on learning: How to be an adult 

Piece of advice for your followers:

  • Don’t eat anything with meat that costs less than $2,
  • Always buy the “good” toilet paper because it is worth the extra money spent
  • Wear a helmet when riding your bike even if it reduces your Cool Kid Factor.

nursemchurt plushcoup slothilda supervirgin sailorbethany (cause we have the same name, whaddup!) livinglifequeerly teenboystuff  orangedoorknob joanspants sol-sum thresh-prince-of-belair and whoever is bored enough to read all this: Yo, I’m tagging you so do something better with your time than save the world. Gosh, stop being so selfish. 


Still no scanner action and I didn’t wanna re-draw this in PS, so here ya go! Also, help me buy for a scanner?

I’ve been trying to calm my brain thoughts with soothing, hot baths, but my mind grapes keep thinking of other thinks…mainly GoT and Free.

That awkward moment then you start to wonder if your life is actually a mixture of The Matrix and a more twisted version of the Truman Show. 

Part 002 || Part 001

Ever had those moments when you can’t decide if you’re real or fictional? Yeah, me too. 

Part 001 || Part 002


Catch me tomorrow night at the Free Rent Zine Release party!! I’ll be selling cheap prints, drawings and I’ll be doing characatures! What? And it’s free?? And there’s booze? Unless you’re literally dead, there’s no reason to miss this party!
#drawing #design #flyer #atx #spratx #wesleydraws

Any of my ATX peeps gonna hit this up? I’m looking at you, iamnonstop… I hope to see some of you beautiful people there and stalk wesleydraws in person from afar. Let’s get boozy and loose! 

Sketch dump. I’ve been working on a whole bunch of nothing for a couple days now. Like how my “desk” is my coffee table? Yes my dog really is that creepy looking.

Getting ready to watch Akame Ga Kill and enjoy my day off from work. Doing big things!

plushcoup asked: how open are you to collaborating with others? i can't draw but i somewhat write fairly decent and had a couple ideas if you are interested on working with me.

Wow, this sounds like it could be fun! I’m always open to collaborating with other folks, plushcoup. Thanks for thinking of me when mulling over your creative ideas. You can send me an ask or fan mail thingy with more details on what you’ve been cooking up, and we can roll from there. I can’t wait to hear the ideas you have!

vic-vicious asked: you and your stuff are my new favorite, oh my god

Oh you! Thanks so much for showing your love, vic-vicious! And thanks for those rebloggs, dude. I’m glad I could make you happy today. Happiness for the masses! 


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Meme Thingy


Ah, I’m a sucker for this type of shit. Plus I get to single people out as my favorite, and I love showing favoritism! 

5 Things I Like About Me

  1. My inability to give a fuck
  2. My hairy pits & legs
  3. The fact that I can fart on command
  4. My adorable baby face
  5. My brown skin

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