Catch me tomorrow night at the Free Rent Zine Release party!! I’ll be selling cheap prints, drawings and I’ll be doing characatures! What? And it’s free?? And there’s booze? Unless you’re literally dead, there’s no reason to miss this party!
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Any of my ATX peeps gonna hit this up? I’m looking at you, iamnonstop… I hope to see some of you beautiful people there and stalk wesleydraws in person from afar. Let’s get boozy and loose! 

Sketch dump. I’ve been working on a whole bunch of nothing for a couple days now. Like how my “desk” is my coffee table? Yes my dog really is that creepy looking.

Getting ready to watch Akame Ga Kill and enjoy my day off from work. Doing big things!

plushcoup asked: how open are you to collaborating with others? i can't draw but i somewhat write fairly decent and had a couple ideas if you are interested on working with me.

Wow, this sounds like it could be fun! I’m always open to collaborating with other folks, plushcoup. Thanks for thinking of me when mulling over your creative ideas. You can send me an ask or fan mail thingy with more details on what you’ve been cooking up, and we can roll from there. I can’t wait to hear the ideas you have!

vic-vicious asked: you and your stuff are my new favorite, oh my god

Oh you! Thanks so much for showing your love, vic-vicious! And thanks for those rebloggs, dude. I’m glad I could make you happy today. Happiness for the masses! 


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Meme Thingy


Ah, I’m a sucker for this type of shit. Plus I get to single people out as my favorite, and I love showing favoritism! 

5 Things I Like About Me

  1. My inability to give a fuck
  2. My hairy pits & legs
  3. The fact that I can fart on command
  4. My adorable baby face
  5. My brown skin

Go forth orangedoorknob, sol-sum, creativeitch, supervirgin, mesientomuy, bikesbabesandbooze, fingerpuppet, infavourofentropy, and whoever else wants to do this because I’m tired of typing. Thanks!  

That awkward moment when no one is talking to you and you try to play it off, yet become visibly disappointed not only in your own need for external validation but your deepening sense of self-doubt. 

True story, bruh.


I love cats, but cats dander doesn’t love me.

This week’s submission to comixwarriors. I had a good time drawing cats because cats are nice to draw. 

Watching Korra and sketching FKA Twigs as Sailor Moon. Just typical after work stuff, you know.

Sailor Urine Anus.

I wonder if Yankee makes a “Bachelor Pad” scented candle yet. I get asked this a surprising number of times when people visit my place for the first time why my apartment smells so good. Now you know, people. Now you know.

Anonymous asked: Taylor swift video? Racist?

Hey there anon, 

I’m assuming you are asking if I believe the recent Taylor Swift video “Shake It Off" is racist. TBH, I don’t really think that the question is whether or not the video is racist but why the mainstreaming of socially frowned upon and misunderstood elements of black culture for the monetary gain of white pop/hip-hop stars is racist. If that is your question, then yes that would make the video an example of the misappropriation of black culture, and by proxy a form of racist media. I feel that the video could have been more tastefully done to be respectful of the already abused and whitewashed representation of black dance culture. [read: the Harlem Shake, breakdance, swing dance, etc.]


But that doesn’t necessarily make this video racist. Taylor Swift, much like several other white female pop/hip-hop artists, are using elements of black culture to promote their music white black pop/hip-hop artists are condemned and scorned for using their own black culture in videos. That’s racism in action. The “Shake It Off video” itself is not in good taste and becomes offensive to the black community. Though the video seems “harmless” and “cute” on the surface, the imagery it displays speaks otherwise, and these microaggressions against the black community are  felt by the black community. That is why many people, myself included, are a upset by what they see in this particular music video. 

Better questions would be: Why does Taylor Swift feel the need to show herself placed between the gaping legs of a black dancer as the dancer twerked into the camera? Why in all the other scenes of dances are the people of color shown in the background of the video, but when it displays a twerking scene the black woman is front and center each time and her face never shown? Where are the black ballet dancers, or any ballet dancers of color? Is ballet something only for white people, but breakdance, urban dance, and modern dance are acceptably multicultural? What’s up with the Whites Only dance party at the end of the video? Once we address these questions, among many others, can we then discuss why or why not this video is a representation of racist media. 


Overall opinion of the video is that there are many eye-rolling moments for me, but I don’t see this video as racist as much as I view it as poor judgement and crappy way to represent the lyrics of the song. I’ve always been a T. Swift fan since her country days. Her exploration into pop music has been a wonderful genre for her, but I also think that the competition from other popstars that offer a more “urban feel” to their videos by exploiting black culture have finally seeped into her music videos as well. There is a difference between showing appreciation for the contributions to various art forms (like dance) by other cultures, and its another to use them to perpetuate stereotypes and breed ignorance.

The thing most folks don’t realize is that a white celebrity is “allowed” by society to “try on” various aspects of other cultures without it damaging their reputation in the media. They can easily remove the Culture Mask they tried on and go back to being white without it effecting how they are viewed in society. People of color (especially POC in the media) do not have this privilege. Unfortunately we have to live with a permanent white Culture Mask that if removed to reveal our own cultural identity can be detrimental to our public image. That’s a sad, sad fact that POC live with every day regardless of fame or influence.

To answer your question more directly, I don’t think the video itself is racist. But I do really think that Taylor Swift, her production team, and whoever else had their hand in creating this video should have really thought harder about the effects of how this imagery effects the black community and our society’s misunderstanding of urban dance culture instead of their bottom line.